Swing Center Stabilization
And Tempo Trainer


Welcome to StableEyes™
The StableEyes app uses visually timed cues to help you stabilize your golf swing-center, while at the same time helping you develop the perfect 3:1 tempo. Swing center stabilization and proper golf-swing tempo are keys to maximizing your golf club head-speed, and creating a predictable and repeatable club-head path.
StableEyes changes the color of the golf ball three times during the swing–once at takeaway, once at change of direction, and once at impact. In order to see the 3 color changes and recall them after each swing, you must maintain your sightline to the ball. A stable sightline indicates a stable swing center. Sightline disruption will result in your failure to recall the 3 colors, & reveals faulty movement in your swing.
Explore the different 3:1 tempos, and determine the one which best fits you –“Pro Smooth”, “Pro Standard”, “Pro Up-tempo”, and “Pro Quick”. When you match your takeaway, transition and impact with the changing colored balls, you should quickly begin to feel comfortable. At this point, you will begin training and start to adopt the success-proven 3:1 tempo golf swing.
Train your swing any time of day, home or office, inside or outside, irrespective of the weather. The StrikeRight is a great tool for warming-up for practice sessions and competitive rounds!
Most golfers are surprised at how fast even the slowest “Smooth” tempo is and how difficult it is to accurately recall & recite each set of colored balls. Stay patient & challenge yourself to swing at the tempo of the colored balls, while correctly reciting the colors after each rep.
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